Snow White and the Seven…

Over the past two nights, our pupils put on the most magnificent show seen in Lisneal College. ‘Snow White and the Seven’ was an absolute smash hit, full of music, songs, wonderful acting and, of course, belly laughs.
In case anyone missed the show, the seven were;
1. Mickey – the local principal of a secondary school in the Waterside
2. Mickey’s Da – works in the canteen of a local secondary school
3. Bugsy – Top football coach with Maiden City Soccer
4. Craigy – Local shop owner
5. McCready – Local politician
6. Mr C – Owner of local chip shop
7. Claudy – From the country….SIR…
Our pupils were just amazing and we are soooo proud of each and every one of them. A huge thank you goes to Ms. Lake, Mrs. Leonard, the Music Department, Unit 7 Audio, Mr. Martin and Mr. Hanna for all of their hard work and efforts.
Thank you to everyone who came along and supported our pupils on stage.
Our choir and band were incredible and the live music just made the show. You can tell we are excited and proud as punch. Enjoy the photos! #LikeNoOther #TeamLisneal