School House System

Be yourself, but be your best self

 The House system is an integral part of life at Lisneal College and helps to support the ethos of the College – Together Everyone Achieves More.

The aims of the House System include:

  • to provide a sense of competition and fun through a range of school activities
  • to provide a sense of belonging and community to all pupils
  • to raise self esteem and self confidence
  • to foster a sense of pride and teamwork
  • to allow all pupils to achieve
  • to celebrate and reward good behaviour
  • to promote leadership and responsibility
  • to encourage involvement, co-operation and good discipline
  • to develop a greater sense of welfare and pastoral care

The emphasis of the House System is therefore on participation, enjoyment and achievement.

All pupils and members of staff are attached to one of the four houses and pupils wear the coloured badge of their House. The Houses are:

BISHOP                                                                     CASTLE

BUTCHER                                                                SHIPQUAY

These are 4 of the Gates of the City Walls which were built in 1616-1618 to defend the City. Londonderry is the only remaining completely walled City in Ireland and is viewed as one of the finest examples of a Walled City in Europe.

All achievements or contributions in school can count towards House points and there are also one off house events and activities run throughout the year. The running total of points is regularly updated and pupils and staff can follow their score on the house scoreboard. Here are some examples of where House points were awarded this year:

  1. House sports competitions
  2. Sports Day
  3. Charity events
  4. Volcano competition
  5. Helping with Blood Donation sessions
  6. Accelerated Reading prize winners
  7. Anti-bullying poster competition winners
  8. Young Enterprise
  9. Awards Scheme
  10. Graded music exams

Recording scores and results

Miss Brown, co-ordinates the House system and compiles a running total of points. Results will be updated regularly and in June the cumulative House total will decide the winners of the House Shield.