Student Council 2023-2024

Lisneal’s Student Council comprises of 2 pupils from each year group who have been elected by their peers to share their views. The entire focus of our council is to help our pupils develop their ‘pupil voice’. This means we are taking a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all our young people. Our student council can help the rest of their peers see that their opinions matter to us and that they are valued.

The student council supports our students in develop their leadership skills and bringing to light the issues that are affecting them in school. This term, our council has tackled these issues head on and have created an action plan to make a change. This action plan includes their recommendations for school improvement which will be presented to members of SLT in January. The council hope that their action plan will improve the school experience of each and every pupil.


Lisneal’s student council aims to follow UNICEF’s ‘Rights Respecting School’ which means that whilst improving school life, they are also focused on improving our local community. To do this, they are organising fundraising events for charitable organisations of their choice. This year pupils will be fundraising for a local animal charity and a local mental health charity. Our 4 key aims as a student council are to ensure that our pupils:

  • Are healthier and happier in our school environment;
  • Feel safe at school;
  • Have better relationships with each other and our staff; and
  • Are active and involved in school life and their local community.


Council Members 2022-2023

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Kayt Burke (8S)

Jenson Gourley (8L)

Gabriella Strain (9L)

Gary Duddy (9I)

Bobby Rodgers (10L)

Amy Bodera (10N)

Year 11 Year 12 Year 13/14
Harry Burgess (11T)

Zara Hetherington (11I)

Daniel Smith (12R)

Jessica Robinson (12T)

Katie Hewitt (13A1)

Alex Dougherty (14A3)

Kyle Nicholl (14A2)