Wonderful Work Experience Feedback

1ST REPORT: We are OVER THE MOON to receive this glowing report from a local employer who had the pleasure of two of our year 12 students for work experience placement last week. Check out this email that popped into Mr Allen’s inbox ealier on this morning, making his day:

Dear Mr Allen
For the past week we have had 2 of your students here with us in Ebrington Primary School for their work experience. Jessica and Lauren have been working in Year 1 and they have been excellent ambassadors for your school. They have been punctual, mannerly and have conducted themselves in a highly professional manner. Both girls attended Ebrington and I had the pleasure of teaching both of them in Year 4 so it has been a delight to see how they have matured and grown in confidence as they have progressed through Lisneal. They were an absolute delight to have in the classroom and both my colleague and myself felt that Lisneal should know what a credit they are to the school.
Mrs B.

Congratulations to both girls from everyone at #TeamLisneal – you have represented Lisneal College incredibly well and should be very proud of this wonderful feedback.