School Council 2017/18

Our school year began with our annual student council elections. This year we had at least 6 candidates running from each year group with a record 22 candidates running in Year 8.

After a fantastic week of Student Council Elections (and some very long assemblies) our Student Council representatives were voted into the Council. These pupils were:

  • Matthew Colhoun 8R
  • Victoria McElwee 8F
  • Kristina Borland 8R
  • Holly Buchanan 8T.
  • Nathan McCombe 9I
  • Leah Radcliffe 9R
  • Emily Gardiner 9A
  • Paul Swann 9I,
  • Peter Wilson 10A1
  • Joshua Johnston 10B1
  • Harry Duffy 11A1
  • Dylan Copland 11A1
  • Alice McIntyre 12A1
  • Jordan Nesbitt 12 A2
  • Emma Cunningham 13A1
  • Morgan Street 13A1
  • Kerri-Lynn Cooke 13A2
  • Cameron Guy 14A3
  • Katelyn McKnight 14A2


These pupils produced outstanding election speeches and have won their place as part of our Student Council this year. All of these pupils are a great asset to our school and their role will be continuing to develop the work of the Pupil Voice within Lisneal College.

Our school council is important as it allows our pupils to express their views on issues concerning their education and welfare in school. As a school, the Student Council help us to evaluate our class lessons, to embed our award processes, to modify the facilities in school to make them more pupil friendly and to extend the opportunities in school both inside and outside the classroom for example Saturday school, Lunch time clubs, After school activities. We are particularly excited to continue our work towards our Investors in Pupils Award.

Our Targets as a Student Council this year are:-

  • Assess & promote Pupil Voice across a number of subjects at Keystage 3
  • To continue to develop effective opportunities for the members of Student Council to develop their leadership skills
  • To evaluate the Core Value booklets at Keystage 3
  • To continue the work towards the Investors in Pupils Award

The School Council meet once a month to discuss their work within these four areas as well as any other items that are brought to council through class discussions. These issues once discussed at Student Council level are brought to the Principal and the Senior Leadership team (SLT) where the pupil’s opinions are taken on board. To ensure there is good communication between the Principal and the pupils, Mr Allen gives feedback from the SLT discussions directly to the Student Council who then take this information to the pupils within their Year group. This ensures that everyone is involved in this process. Other ideas we have used to gauge the pupil voice have been suggestion boxes in classrooms, pupil questionnaires and class councils.

Our aim in Student Council is to ensure that all voices are heard and that together we can make Lisneal College even better.

As well as the Student Council meetings updates can be found on our Student Council notice board that is updated regularly to reflect what is happening in the school.