Partnership with the YMCA

Every KS3 pupil at Lisneal College has recently received a mini whiteboard, eraser and marker as part of our Remote Learning Partnership Project with the YMCA.

We are really grateful to William Lamrock and Catriona Coyle from the YMCA for securing this resource for our pupils from their ESB funders. “ESB special Covid-19 Emergency Fund aims to support communities in the vicinity of their wind farms to cope with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. This project aims to enable pupils and families from the local area to move into a new way of learning in the classroom and home.

The mini whiteboards are an effective learning and teaching tool used to promote learning by assessing pupil understanding; improving their spelling; encouraging participation; enhancing communication between the pupil and teacher in the classroom and learning from their peers. Pupils will also use the mini whiteboards from home as a revision tool during periods of school closure. A truly excellent resource impacting positively on our childrens’ learning – we are so very grateful. Thanks to Molly and Curtis for featuring in our photo today with William and Catriona.