NEW Teaching & Learning Initiative

Lisneal College’s mission is to provide high quality learning and teaching experiences within an inclusive, safe, respectful, caring and aspirational environment. In order to support this statement, we are introducing a new and exciting approach to independent learning. This is a research based approach known as ‘Retrieval Practice’. Retrieval Practice refers to the act of recalling learned information from memory (with little or no support) and every time information is retrieved or answer is generated, it changes that original memory to make it stronger.

All year 8 pupils have been given a Retrieval Practice Booklet this week to support learning in every subject. As part of home and school learning, students should be revising what they have been taught recently but also content they were taught previously.

Pupils can use this resource in a number of ways to maximise their learning in all subjects; it can be used to:

  • identify gaps in their knowledge
  • organise their knowledge
  • prepare for learning
  • transfer their knowledge to new contexts
  • improve their meta-cognition
  • stay focused and improve their motivation
  • explore how they like to learn
  • think for themselves and check their understanding