Lego League Competition

The Lisneal Rocketeers team, made up of a number of our students; Jamie Sherriffs, Jack Thompson, Matthew McMullan, John Keys, Gerald Allen, Cameron Burns, Harri Colhoun, Daniel Craig, Callum Brace and Daniel Ferguson, thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Lego League Competition in W5, Belfast, on Wednesday. Mrs McCrudden, Miss Glenn and Mr Baird accompanied the students to W5 on a mission to impress!

Whilst at W5, the team had to Identify a problem that astronauts face in the zero gravity environment when they are in space and then were challenged to design a solution that makes this problem better which they presented to a panel of judges.

Furthermore, the team had to then work together to programme a mind storm robot to complete a series of tasks within a 2 minutes. We are delighted that our Rocketeers came 9th out of the 19 teams that competed which is a credit to their hard work and enthusiasm shown throughout the competition. #WEARELISNEAL