Environmental Review

Date completed :        September 2023

Completed by:            Eco-Committee Members


These are suggested links to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For more ideas and information visit our website.
Pupils can find the answers themselves by looking carefully around the school.
Pupils may need to ask an adult to find the answers to these questions.
A little bit more investigation is required, maybe a survey or asking questions to other pupils.
This is a way of measuring the impact that you are having on the environment so you can show how much you are improving. This is an important part of being an Eco-School.


Does the school have trees in the grounds?


Yes No
Does the school have more hedging than fencing around the parameter? Yes No
Are some of your trees and hedging native species? Yes No
Does your school have a pond or marshy area?


Yes No
Does your pond have an exit route for frogs, toads, newts and hedgehogs? Yes No
Does your school have a wildflower meadow?


Yes No
Does your school have areas of long/undisturbed vegetation linking habitats together? Yes No
Does your school have any of the following aids to biodiversity?

Bird feeders 

Bird boxes   

Yes No
Are the school grounds free from herbicides and pesticides?


Yes No
Do you always use peat-free compost?


Yes No
Have you carried out a biodiversity survey of your school grounds?


Yes No

Climate Change


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Global Perspective