EMA at Lisneal


(your financial situation might change during the academic year). Download an application form from indirect website

Who makes the decision about payment?
Mr. White (as he has the day-to-day knowledge of students and of your attendance and reasons for absence). Attendance at lessons is no longer the sole criteria on which the EMA is awarded. The following criteria will also determine whether the EMA is awarded
1. Behaviour
2. Effort
3. Attitude
These criteria apply to work in and out of lessons, plus any other school related activity. These requirements have been applied by the Student Loans Company and apply to all institutions; not just Lisneal College.

Who presses the button to transfer information from Lisneal College to EMA?
The office staff are the EMA Administrators in Lisneal College. Depending on the information provided by your teachers and having checked with the Form Tutors, information will be transferred to the Student Loans Company.

Who pays out the weekly and bonus awards?
The Student Loans Company pay the EMA money directly into your bank account.

How do you gain a bonus award
Lisneal’s Praise, Satisfactory and Concern reporting system is used in conjunction with teacher meetings to assess whether or not you are eligible for a bonus award.

Track One: November, is used for the January bonus award

Track Three: March, is used for the June bonus award

The signing week for the January Bonus will be during the third week of November
The signing week for the June Bonus will be during the last week of April.

What is meant by attendance?
Lesson by lesson attendance is defined as all registrations and timetabled lessons. This is confirmed by a teacher recording a present mark on the SIMS lesson register. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their attendance record is accurate. For example, if a class register is not completed through teacher absence, educational visit etc. the student must endeavour to get a present mark placed against their name as soon as possible.

What happens when I am late?
If you are marked late on two or more occasions in a calendar week, you will not get paid for that week. If a pattern of lateness is detected e.g. three isolated days one month, two isolated days the next month etc. Mr. White will withdraw a payment for one week. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into account. Late is defined as entering the Lisneal campus after 9.10am.

What counts as an ‘authorised’ and ‘unauthorised’ absence?
Authorised absences must be agreed between the student and school in advance and evidence provided by the student.

Acceptable absences, therefore, will be:
• Medical appointment (evidence will be an appointment card or letter.
• Caring for someone else (only in emergency situations).
• University visit (signed off by Head of Careers and Form Teacher).
• Career related interview.
• Work experience (only if related to learning programme).
• Significant extra curricular activity (at the discretion of the school).
• Funeral (parents; grandparents; siblings; close friend only).
• Driving test.
• Representing the school/college.

The following reasons for absence are not acceptable (even if known in advance):
• Holidays.
• Full or part time work.
• Birthdays or other celebrations.
• Babysitting other siblings (except in emergency).

When authorising absences, we will consider the following factors:
• How reasonable the case is.
• The number of absences taken by any one individual.
• Exclusion from a particular class, period or day.
• Repetitions of the same excuse.
• Whether the excuse is backed up with evidence.
Illness up to 5 days needs to be covered by a parental note on return to school. These need to be given in to the Form Tutor. Illness beyond 5 days will need to be covered by a doctors’ note. Repeated short illnesses, even though covered by a parental note, may be deemed by the school to be ‘unauthorised’. Students are only authorised for 5 days sick for every academic year for payment to be made.

Online Learning: If part of your course requires an online element; non-engagement with the online learning activities will count as an unauthorised absence.

What happens if the school believes the signatures to be fraudulent?
If students act in a fraudulent manner they may be withdrawn from EMA immediately. EMA will be informed and it is likely that the student will be prosecuted and any money repaid.

Who deals with disputes over non-payment?
Students who feel that they have been unfairly treated can appeal by writing to Mr. White who will discuss reasons with the EMA Administrator and Form Teacher. This must be done within two weeks of non-payment. Students will be notified of the decision by Mr. White after the non-payment procedure has been followed.
How will students know about their rights and responsibilities? All students successfully registered for EMA will be required to attend a meeting within the first two weeks of term where they will be informed about the above issues.
How will staff know about their responsibilities and involvement in providing evidence for payments? On an August Staff Training Day a short period of time will be set-aside to brief staff about their responsibility to provide accurate attendance records and signatures to prevent non-payment of the EMA to deserving students.