Careers Department

The Careers Department at Lisneal College

The careers department at Lisneal College aims to introduce pupils to a wide variety of career opportunities. Our students are encouraged to plan their careers and are kept informed about the current labour market and how career opportunities may change in the future.

We actively engage with a network of local and national employers and other careers support providers. This we believe is crucial to preparing our students for the competitive work environment.

Careers Activities within our School

At Lisneal College pupils receive a planned programme of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance which is designed to meet their needs and allows them to make informed decisions on their chosen career.

Beginning in year 8 through the LLW employability curriculum and progressing in year 11 to a taught OCR Employability Skills qualification.

In Years 11 and 12 pupils have timetabled careers classes, these are delivered thorough an OCR Level 2 qualification in Employability Skills. This course provides students with an understanding of the world of work the importance of career planning and employment trends. Topics covered include; searching and applying for jobs, financial management, work experience and interview skills. The taught course is supported with involvement from outside agencies, talks and workshops such as the Interview Skills day hosted by Young Enterprise and the Work Experience programme supported by School Employer Connections.

In sixth form extensive use is made of IT resources including University and Further Education websites.  Application to University is made on-line using the UCAS Apply System. Contact with employers, representatives from Higher Education and from other relevant agencies is provided by visiting speakers, through attendance at University Open Days and through the Work Experience programme.

Experience of Work

At Lisneal College all students have the opportunity to go on work placement. They are supported in securing placements through the local ‘School Employer Connections’ organisation and the careers department.

Work experience is essential for students, as many colleges and universities have made work experience a prerequisite for access to many courses. Students interested in specific vocational careers have access to additional placements to support their application for such courses.

Preparation for university and the world of work is further developed through, talks from a variety of employers, colleges, training providers and universities.


All students at key transition points in Year 10, 12 and 14 are involved in the Careers Service Programme. Each pupil is interviewed by an advisor from the Northern Ireland Careers Service where they can discuss the career path available to them.

Year 14 students also have the opportunity to avail of individual mock interviews that are statutory for certain high-demand courses. These interviews are conducted by the Careers Department in school.

Many thanks to all the external organisations that support the Careers Department at Lisneal and in particular to the UKs leading career and recruitment specialist and kind sponsor of some of the excellent careers resources provided to our pupils in the school Careers Library.