School Council

Our school year began with our annual student council elections. This year we had at least 6 candidates running from each Year group with a record 22 candidates running in Year 8.

After a fantastic week of Student Council Elections (and some very long assemblies) our Student Council representatives were voted into the Council. These pupils were Christian Hetherington, Adam Kilgore & Emily Gardiner in Year 8, Levi McIntosh- Beveridge & Jack Peart in Year 9, Alex Thompson & Ewan Lecky in Year 10, Jordan Nesbitt & Darcy McIvor in Year 11, Kerri-Lynn Cooke & Thomas Malcolm in Year 12 and Cameron Guy, Katelyn McKnight, Louis Miller and Ryan Barnett in Year 13/14. These pupils will be a great asset to our school and will help us as we continue to respond to the Pupil Voice within Lisneal College.

A school council is important because it is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. Our targets as a Student Council this year are:-

  • Assess & promote Pupil Voice across School
  • Evaluate the PSC reports as a mechanism for improvement
  • To establish effective training for members of SC to develop leadership skills
  • To aid the Anti-bullying policy update

The School Council meets once a month to discuss their work within these four areas as well as any other items that are brought to council through class discussions. These issues once discussed at Student Council level are brought to the Principal and the Senior Leadership team (SLT) where the pupil’s opinions are taken on board. To ensure there is good communication between the Principal and the pupils, Mr Allen gives feedback from the SLT discussions directly to the Student Council who then take this information to the pupils within their Year group. This ensures that everyone is involved in this process. As well as the Student Council meetings updates can be found on our Student Council notice board that is updated regularly to reflect what is happening in the school. Currently we are working towards our Teamwork badge in our PD time (as one of our Core Values) as well as celebrating Anti-bullying week and the Samaritans Purse Shoe Box Appeal. Pupils can see exactly what is discussed at the meetings as the minutes and the agenda for the next meeting is displayed. This helps to keep pupils and staff connected in a very practical way. Other ideas we have used to gauge the pupil voice have been suggestion boxes in classrooms, pupil questionnaires and class councils. Our aim in Student Council is to ensure that all voices are heard and that together we can make Lisneal College even better. #teamlisneal