BIG SHOUT OUT to Cameron, one of our Yr13 pupils, on her phenomenal achievement at Girls’ Brigade. This morning she received her letter of confirmation that she is to be presented with the prestigious ‘QUEEN’S AWARD’ at the Guildhall next month.

The Queen’s Award is highest Award a girl may gain during her years in Girls’ Brigade. Cameron worked incredibly hard for 2 years, demonstrating (1) Leadership skills, (2) Commitment, (3) In depth knowledge of the Girls’ Brigade organisation, (4) Community spirit and good citizenship and (5) Faith in action.

Mr Allen, the staff and the entire pupil population at Lisneal College wish to congratulate Cameron on her achievement. We are certainly PROUD AS PUNCH! Very well done.


Children in Crossfire Colour Run for Mother’s Day ❤️ Well done to our #TeamLisneal ‘Colour Team’ who spent their morning participating in this fantastic event and loved every second! What a glorious morning they got for it too. WE ARE LISNEAL #LikeNoOther


EWE are not going to believe this! Year 9 pupil Russell made the front page of FARM WEEK after one of his prize ewes gave birth to 6 (yes 6) lambs. Russell is a skilled farmer, and he helped his dad and brother Ryan deliver all 6 lambs safe and sound. Well done to the Kellys and Big Dolly the sheep- just one off a world record. Not baaaaad eh? Sorry! Wool you forgive the jokes!


SHINE BRIGHT is a Start-Your-Own-Business initiative formed by a group of our pupils at #TeamLisneal. All members of Shine Bright have worked together throughout the year to design, produce and sell jewellery within school and at various market stalls. The pupils have been financially successful in this venture and intend to spend their profit on an enjoyable trip to the Bowling Alley! A great reward for their hard work. WE ARE LISNEAL


To our Yr11 & Yr12 pupils who completed their Mock Examinations this week – very well done! Your hard work, determination and achievement to date is a credit to you all and we are very proud of your progress. Success is coming your way. TEAM LISNEAL.


SHARED EDUCATION LLW –  On Wednesday our Yr8 pupils participated in an active, collaborative LLW lesson that celebrated the diversity that exists in our beautiful city. The lesson was a finale that allowed pupils from all 3 schools to showcase the ‘Shared Learning’ that has taken place in previous lessons. It was a wonderful effort on everyone’s part and the pupils are to be congratulated on their fantastic research and presentations that were so difficult to judge. Many thanks to the LLW teachers from all 3 schools for allowing our pupils to benefit from their shared learning in this subject. #MakingADifference


PAPIER MACHE FUN – Our Yr8 pupils just love practical work in Art. Pictured are a few pupils displaying their paper mache fish, in the early ‘construction stage’ of their project. All Yr8 pupils are making great use of recycled materials when completing their projects #LC6 #CoreValueNo4 #Responsibility. Keep your eyes peeled for photos of the completed ‘works of art’ that we will post in a few weeks time! WE ARE LISNEAL


WOW – Pictured are our Yr8 Hockey team before a friendly game, played against Foyle College today. Don’t they look the part? Miss Brown was utterly delighted at their skilled performance with a draw secured, which was indeed appropriate to the friendly spirit of fun and learning that was enjoyed by all. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this promising team.


MORE GOOD NEWS – This time it’s success in our Music department. BIG Congratulations goes to the following pupils on their recent achievement in their respective instrument:
(1) Jordan – Merit in Grade 6 Trumpet
(2) Amy – Distinction in Grade 2 Clarinet
(3) Jessica – Merit in Grade 3 Flute
(4) Jason – Merit in Grade 2 Clarinet
What incredibly talented pupils we have at TEAM LISNEAL #LikeNoOther


We are delighted to have received more fabulous feedback on yet another Year 12 pupil that has made a positive and lasting impression on a local employer, whilst on Work Experience Placement. This time it is Darren Campbell who has made us all proud at #TeamLisneal and is the talk of our school today. We are so chuffed with his glowing report that we want to share it with his friends, family, peers and members of the local community:

Reference your student Darren Campbell – 5 DAY placement from Monday 6th until Friday 10th March 2017.

I have been accepting students from around the North West since the 1980’s, I couldn’t even remember the number or the names. I can tell you this has now changed. Your student Darren, was the best we have ever received!!

This young man was very enthusiastic, mannerly, and helpful, early every day, offered to stay late if needed and even offered to work Saturdays if required.

I was so impressed with Darren, “I told him when he finishes college, to contact ourselves with a view to future employment”.

It is a relief to know there are still young people like Darren in our colleges!

Thanking you,
Gordon Chambers
W. & J. Chambers.