A Letter for Parents

Re: Access to school via Sevenoaks/Summer Meadows road                     


Dear Parent/Guardian

In recent weeks concerns have been raised regarding access to Lisneal College from the T-junction at the Premier Inn. A lack of gritting during icy weather, potholes, a muddy road surface and temporary ramps have led to some complaints being made to local councillors, Taggart Homes and Lisneal College. In an attempt to address concerns I met with local councillors and representatives from Taggart Homes to discuss the current situation and establish who has responsibility for maintaining the road to an acceptable standard. During the meeting I was informed of the following:

  • The road between Sevenoaks and the school is a private road;
  • The road will not be adopted by Transport NI (road authority for Northern Ireland) for approximately 9 months;
  • The situation is unique in that road traffic is permitted to pass through an active construction site;
  • A team from Transport NI is conducting a traffic volume survey on the road between the construction site and Lisneal College.

As a result of the meeting Taggart Homes has offered to do the following as a token of goodwill towards residents, school pupils and staff, and road users:

  • Keep the road open;
  • Clean the road surface daily;
  • Repair potholes;
  • Install lighting;
  • Erect signs outlining where the private road begins and ends;
  • Grit the road surface during the interim period.

The representatives from Taggart Homes explained that they have a responsibility to maintain safe working standards for their employees. As there are a number of construction workers on site, temporary ramps have been installed to reduce the speed of vehicles using the road. The ramps are specifically designed not to be crossed at speed and are recommended by the Roads Authority.

Due to the unique set of circumstances in this case, I would ask all road users to access Lisneal College from Summer Meadows if you find the road conditions through the construction site unsatisfactory.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this letter, please feel free to contact me at school.

Yours sincerely

Mr M Allen